Robin Williams’ widow clarifies many misunderstandings about what happened to him

It’s very unusual for people to feel as if they personally know their favorite celebrities after watching interviews and favorite movies over and over. Furthermore, it is also commonplace for people to speculate about the turmoil in celebrities’ personal lives, and Robin Williams’ death was no exception. Luckily, his wife stepped out a few years ago to clear the air. Clearing the air about his illness and any other misconceptions concerning the late actor’s death

Many believed after Robin Williams’ death in August 2014 that he was battling with his mental health, with some even speculating he’d taken up some “unsavory” habits. He was 63 at the time and had a well-deserved reputation, but he had a history of addiction and had even gone into rehab just before his death. With so many possibilities, how could passionate fans not be curious about the true story? His eclectic array of comedies, dramas, and mashups touched hearts throughout the country.

Robin Williams met the woman he would spend the remainder of his brief life with while shopping at an Apple Store in 2007. “As I went in, I noticed this man and said to myself, ‘I bet that’s Robin Williams.’” Then, on my way out, I noticed him beaming at me, and something inside me whispered, ‘Oh, just walk over and say hello.’ He was dressed in camouflage, so I asked, ‘How’s that camo working out for you?’ ‘Not too good; you discovered me,’ he replied. Susan, his widow, told the Guardian in 2021.

Even though they’ve only been together since 2011, the couple has built an exciting life together.”Robin and I used to like going to museums together. He was a history enthusiast, so he’d bring the history and I’d bring the art, and we’d have twice the pleasure.” Susan elaborated. Susan had young boys from a previous marriage, so the couple lived in Marin County.

However, they barely had two pleasant years together before Robin Williams had severe stomach aches, hand tremors, and awful sleeplessness. His anxiety, on the other hand, appeared to be the most severe of his symptoms. “Robin’s paranoia was completely out of character. And so began the 10-month drumbeat of escalating symptoms, and the thing about LBD is that the symptoms don’t arrive all at once; they fluctuate. As a result, they are quite perplexing to both the patient and the caregiver,” she explained.

In May 2014, Robin Williams was misdiagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He displayed symptoms that Parkinson’s disease could not account for, despite the fact that his true illness was unknown to doctors at the time. Susan insisted on his visiting a neuropsychological testing center. Unfortunately, they would never arrive since he committed suicide a week before his planned visit. “I believe he did not want to depart. “I suppose he was thinking, ‘I’m going to get locked away and never come out,’” Susan revealed.

It was later discovered that Robin Williams had Lewy body dementia. LBD develops when abnormally large levels of protein accumulate in brain cells, resulting in many of the symptoms that affected Robin Williams, such as paranoia and sleeplessness. The error was most likely caused by the similarities between the two, as they are both connected with dementia.

Doctors were unable to precisely diagnose the LBD until after his death. According to one doctor, it was the worst instance he’d ever seen. Nevertheless, there is little information available on LBD. As a result, Susan has made education her driving force. “During the autopsy, the doctors asked me, ‘Are you shocked that your husband has Lewy bodies throughout his whole brain and brain stem?’” I had no idea what Lewy bodies were, but I said, ‘No, I’m not surprised.’ What was it that had penetrated every corner of my husband’s brain? It made complete sense.” Susan revealed.

Her goal had begun with the release of ‘Robin’s Wish. The documentary sheds insight into the enigmatic condition and describes his ordeal. “If my spouse weren’t renowned, I would not have put myself through this. Yet there were so many misconceptions about what had happened to him and about Lewy bodies out there. “That just felt like the correct thing to do,” she said.

Susan went on to clear the air on Robin Williams’ most recent rehab stint, noting that he went for meditation and healing and that his previous addictions were not an issue. He had been sober for 8 years at the time of his death. “It enraged me when the media reported that he’d been drinking, because I know there are recovering addicts and people battling with depression who looked up to him, and they deserve to know the truth.” She stated.

Fans and coworkers alike adored Robin Williams. “Walking down the street with Robin was like strolling down the street with Mother Teresa, the way people would react to him,” Julie Kavner once said. “His energy was just so out there, and people wanted to praise him,” he continued. “Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.” Gus Van Sant, the filmmaker, observed, “They were simply so delighted to see him. ‘Oh, it’s you!’ they said, and they hugged him without even asking. It has never happened with any other prominent person I’ve worked with.” “He had that tender side,” he said, “and he was responsive to people and things around him.”

The news of Robin Williams’ death was heartbreaking for everyone, especially his wife and children. On the other hand, Susan has used the tragedy to help other people and carry on her husband’s name. “But Robin always appears when I need him. Yet when he isn’t there, I remember my companion, my love, and I mourn him.” Susan explained softly.

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