When a teenager is rejected before homecoming and the students laugh at him, 13 girls suddenly rush in to save the situation…

Every high school dating experience was not filled with rainbows and butterflies, as some would have you believe. Even today, when you look back on it, you could find yourself feeling uncomfortable. Undoubtedly, there were a number of unpleasant and humiliating moments — not to mention the difficulty of simply securing a date in the first place.

Those teenagers who are bold enough to put their emotions on the line and ask someone out deserve to be recognized.
Dakota Nelton is one of these inspirational guys.

A friend of the high school sophomore from Gray, Louisiana, suggested that he invite a friend to the homecoming dance since she didn’t have anybody else lined up.

Dakota had never asked a girl out before, so it’s fair to say he was a bundle of nerves.
Despite this, he planned out the scenario and wanted to do it right, so he created a poster to ask her out.

However, when the opportunity presented itself, the girl said no — and the other students laughed at Dakota and stepped on his poster at the end.

Dakota confessed the following when speaking to WGNO New Orleans:
‘It was really a fairly difficult moment, standing in a little circle with that one shake of the head, and you simply had to figure out how to get out of that circle.’

With his head down, he made his way out of the hall as swiftly as he could. In an ideal world, the event would remain in the minds of his peers for no more than a week, maybe two weeks at most, but that is never the case in high school.

Dakota learned about the video of his rejection shortly later, when it was discovered that someone had recorded it and uploaded it on the internet.
Dakota approaches the young lady in the video, holding a handwritten poster and what seems to be a bag of sweets in his hands, as seen on YouTube.

The following minute, his smile falls when he discovers that the girl had rejected him right in the midst of a hallway packed with students.

His schoolmates can be heard laughing and talking about his rejection, which may be the most heartbreaking thing for him. Instead of clapping him on the back in encouragement, they can be heard laughing.

Fortunately, the video of Dakota was viewed by the proper people, and something remarkable was about to take place shortly after.
Dakota was walking along the hallway where he had been rejected when he came across a row of 13 girls, who he assumed were just like him. It was a typical school day for Dakota, and he thought nothing of it.

Each girl had a sign in her hand… Then it clicked on me: they were inviting Dakota to the homecoming dance.

Dakota ended up having the last laugh in the end since he had not one, but thirteen girls who wanted to be his date, making him the winner.

‘I had the impression that I was one of the popular students at school, which I am not.’ he said.
When the 13 girls saw the video of Dakota’s rejection, they came up with an idea to show him that he was ‘loved and worthy, and deserves to be going to homecoming with someone’.

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