Wheelchaired Man Works to Buy Present for Wife’s 80Th B-Day, Gets Twice as Needed in 1 Day – Story of the Day

An 85-year-old man in a wheelchair gets a job to buy a gift for his beloved wife’s 80th birthday and ends up earning twice what he needs in a day, much to his surprise.

Roger was 85 years old, and there hadn’t been one year in his 50-year marriage when he hadn’t given his beloved wife, Rose, flowers and a gift on her birthday.

But on her 80th birthday, Roger feared he wouldn’t be able to get her a gift or flowers. His pension was small, and most of it was exhausted buying meds and groceries.

Roger sighed and buried his face in his hands. “What do I do, Lord? I can’t break Rose’s heart. She-she’ll be expecting the gift…” he whispered.

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Rose and Roger had been together since their university days, and they had fallen in love at first sight. He was sitting with his friends in the college cafeteria when she approached him and asked him to buy coffee.

“The money will be donated to the children, who live at the homeless shelter,” she explained as she offered him a cup. “Would you please buy one?”

The greatest gift you can give someone is love.
Roger never liked coffee. In fact, he hated it. But looking into her eyes, he realized it was the best thing he had ever tasted. That was what started their love story: a simple cup of coffee.
Their romance blossomed, and they married and built a loving family. They raised two beautiful girls together who grew up, married, and moved abroad.

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After the girls moved out, Rose and Roger had only each other. They missed their children, but their love for one another filled that void.

Roger was a devoted husband and an even more devoted caretaker. And Rose was no less careful when it came to caring for Roger. He was confined to a wheelchair due to his arthritis, and Rose pushed his wheelchair everywhere. She was always there for him—his rock.

“If I’m reborn as a human, I would want you to be my husband again. I love you, darling,” Rose would tell him every night before bed as she kissed him on the cheek.

Roger would never make Rose sad. He would do anything to see a smile on her face, so it crushed his heart when he checked his bank account and learned he was down to the minimum balance.
He wanted to give her a necklace for her 80th birthday, which cost around $700. It was expensive, but it was for Rose, so it was worth it, Roger thought. But how would he buy it? He didn’t have any money.

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Roger couldn’t sleep a wink that night. He turned to Rose’s side, and tears welled up in his eyes. “I won’t disappoint you, honey. Oh god, help me,” he sobbed helplessly.

The following day, Roger had an idea. He opened his laptop and started looking for a job. He used to work in a woodshop until his health began to fail him, and he chose to retire.

After browsing through several sites that morning, he found an opening at a workshop close to his house. They were looking for a part-time worker.

Roger visited the place with a friend because he didn’t want Rose to know about it. He managed to carry some samples he had previously made, and the owner, a short man who appeared to be in his 30s, was impressed with him.

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“These pieces are incredible, but you’re a little too old for the job, sir,” he said respectfully. “You are aware of the nature of this work… Employing you here would be a risk.”
“Please,” Roger begged. “You have no idea how much it matters to me… My wife…This is something I must do for her.”

The man didn’t look convinced. “I have a wife and children, and I understand your concerns, but I don’t believe it’s worth risking your safety, sir. And in that wheelchair…nope…I don’t think that’s a good choice.”

“Son,” Roger pleaded. “I’m 85. My wife turns 80 this year. I haven’t missed a year without getting her something for her special day. Please. There would be no accidents, I guarantee you. I might be old, but I know my way around this thing. Please, this matters a lot to me.”

When Roger persisted, the man had no choice but to give in. He hired Roger but assigned him the task of producing light items that would not burden him.

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And though his hands trembled somewhat when operating the equipment, Roger performed admirably on his first day. He was about to wrap up and leave when he heard the owner’s voice calling after him.
“Just a minute, Roger!” he said. The man approached Roger and gave him an envelope.

“What is this, son?” asked Roger, confused.

“Open it, sir,” the man urged, smiling, and as Roger opened the envelope, tears streamed down his cheeks.

With shaky hands, he pulled out a couple of dollar bills from the envelope. It was $1500 in total! Double the amount he needed for the gift and flowers.

“This – This is more than what I needed!” Roger cried. “But I – I can’t take it. Oh no, I can’t! Why would you give me so much money, son?” he asked in tears.

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The man grinned. “This is the outcome of your efforts, Roger. You’ve earned it. Your woodwork sold quickly, and some people paid a little more after knowing it was for your wife.”
“Oh, Jesus! I can’t take all this money. It’s a lot, young man.”

The man gave Roger a comforting smile. “Go home, Roger. You deserve this money. And, while I would love to hire you, let’s consider you were my special employee for just one day. Please.”

“Thank you, son,” cried Roger. “I appreciate it. This means a lot to me,” he said before leaving.

The owner of the workshop, whose name was Fred, didn’t think he’d meet Roger again. But a day before Rose’s birthday, Roger paid Fred a visit and invited him to dinner.

“My wife and I would love to have you and your family over, but…let’s keep my employment a secret,” he requested. “That will worry my wife unnecessarily.”

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Fred smiled. “I hope seven in the evening would be a good time.”

“Wonderful. That’s when we cut the cake,” Roger smiled. “My wife and I will be waiting.”
And well, Rose’s 80th birthday party was one of the best she’d ever had. She appreciated the beautiful necklace Roger gave her, but she enjoyed having company even more. She met Roger’s new friend, Fred, and his family and treated them to a delicious strawberry cake she’d baked and a lovely dinner.

“Your cake tastes like Gran’s!” one of Fred’s kids said, smiling. “It’s yummy!”

Rose laughed. “Thank you, honey. You, too, are like my grandchild. Thank you.”

And then she hugged Roger and said, “I know the trouble you went through to get me a present and flowers this year, Roger. Fred told me everything. And while I appreciate the gift, I would be content even if you didn’t give me anything. Because you already gave me your most valuable gift when we married: your love,” she added, and Roger whispered an “I love you,” holding her close.

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What can we learn from this story?

The greatest gift you can give someone is love. Rose appreciated Roger’s gift, but his greatest gift to her was his love.
Help others whenever and however you can. Thanks to Fred and his customers, Roger could get his wife a present and make her special day even more memorable.
Share this story with your friends. It might brighten their day and inspire them.

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