Julie Brady Chose a Different Career Though She Excelled at Sports like Her Brother – Who Is Tom Brady’s Sister?

NFL player Tom Brady was born into a supportive family and is the only brother of four siblings. His sisters avidly pursued sports during their schooling years and were deemed exceptional in their athletic abilities. Among the former sports enthusiasts is the thirdborn, Julie Brady.

Despite having the potential to succeed in the sports industry, Tom Brady’s sister, Julie Brady, decided on a different career path. Still, she supports her brother and attends his matches from time to time. Their parents have also attended every one of Tom’s games, except the two they missed after contracting covid in January 2021.

Julie’s parents were terribly sick and disheartened, but they did recover. Julie’s brother, Tom, was rumored to be retiring earlier this year, and although he admitted that it would happen eventually, he stated that it wasn’t yet time for him to leave the field. Julie is also married to a baseballer of the Boston Red Sox.

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Who Is Julie Brady?
Julie Brady is her brother’s twin, even though they were born three years apart. She was born on August 3, 1974, to Galynn and Tom Brady Sr. Julie grew up with her siblings in Northern California, where they attended St. Mary’s College.

There, Julie played basketball, softball, and soccer. In a 2013 New York Post issue, she talked about her and her siblings’ inclination toward athletics. Despite not pursuing a career in the sports industry, Brady maintained her enthusiasm for fitness. She shared how going for a jog or a morning swim helps her stay balanced.

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Brady once worked as a special education teacher. After leaving that position, she decided to dedicate her efforts to being a full-time mom and helping charities. Her husband, Kevin Youkilis, owns a charity called Youk’s Kids.

The organization centers its mission around helping children affected by the Boston Marathon bombings and Hurricane Sandy. In June 2013, she helped him organize an event for Youk’s Kids and spoke warmly of his commitment to helping communities in need.

Brady was already a mom before marrying. Her firstborn’s name is Jordan, who became her husband’s stepdaughter. After tying the knot, she and Youkilis welcomed two more babies, Zachary and Jeremy.

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Julie Brady and Kevin Youkilis’s Relationship
Julie Brady and Kevin Youkilis met at a nightclub in Boston when Youkilis was out with his Boston Red Sox teammates. Brady caught his eye, and the first baseman was smitten. Although he wanted to ask for Brady’s number, he felt intimidated by her brother’s presence and decided against approaching.

They met again fatefully in December 2010 at a fundraiser held by Brady’s older sister, Nancy, where he finally had enough courage to approach her. The event was hosted by Youkilis’s friend Mike O’Malley, who he came to support.
After that second encounter, their relationship began blooming. Brady appreciated her husband’s ability to make her laugh and attributed it to why she fell in love with him. The lovers could also talk for long periods and felt comfortable in each other’s presence.

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Tom (whom Julie refers to affectionately as Tommy) advised his sister to take things slow in her new relationship, which began long-distance as Julie lived in San Fransisco with her daughter and Youkilis stayed in Boston.

Two years later, they exchanged vows in front of their closest loved ones in April 2012. Youkilis gushed about his wedding, expressing how much of a good time everyone had and calling it the best day of his life.

Julie Brady’s Siblings Are a Competitive Crowd
The thirdborn of the Brady Bunch, Julie Brady, noted that some families’ children excel academically or musically. However, she and her siblings were athletically inclined from a young age, even after their parents tried turning them toward a more artistic path, such as music and dance.

Moreover, the Brady siblings shared a healthy sportsmanship growing up. Although they were very competitive, they never forgot to cheer each other on, especially when one lost. The eldest of Galynn and Tom Brady Sr’s kids is Maureen, the secondborn is Nancy, then follows Julie and Tom.

Maureen was an excellent softball pitcher, but she later became a nurse and stayed off the field as a softball coach in Bakersfield, California. Nancy was also a great softball player. She is a Boston University alumna, currently working as a Public Health Advisor.

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Tom Brady wasn’t always the star athlete of his family. He even admitted that his sisters were far better than him while he stayed on the sidelines as a cheerleader.

However, the famed baseball player took great pride and pleasure in watching his sisters shine. It hit him hardest when he saw them lose, describing the experience as “living and dying,” as they all took their losses to heart.

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