Jamie Afifi Was Sarah Chalke’s Fiancé for 16 Years Though Never Became Her Husband – More about Him

After nearly two decades together, Sarah Chalke’s husband, Jamie Afifi, and the “Scrubs” actress chose to end their relationship. The couple never made it down the aisle and had reportedly remained on good terms despite being “separated” for “some time.”

Chalke was born on August 27, 1976, in Canada and made her acting debut in 1992 in “City Boy”; the film never hit cinemas and went straight to TV. After Alicia Goranson quit “Roseanne,” Chalke was cast to replace her as Becky, and she was still in high school while filming for the series and graduated in 1995.

She continued to appear in movies and starred alongside Jim Varney in “Ernest Goes to School” in 1994. Chalke had various roles in different television shows, such as “How I Met Your Mother” and “Cougar Town;” she did voice acting on “Rick and Morty” in 2020, but she is most commonly known for her role on “Scrubs.”

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Chalke revealed that her long career in acting led to learning a few tough lessons about resilience; when Chalke started acting as a teenager, she received a lot of rejection; but she knew she could not give up and that it was all about perspective. She said she would keep going to her auditions and try her best:

“You just have to deal with that level of rejection, pick yourself up after you failed and say, ‘Let’s go back into the audition room.’”

While Zach Braff played her love interest on “Scrubs,” Chalke only had eyes for Jamie Afifi in real life; the actress was 30 years old when Afifi popped the question while on a romantic gateway to Hawaii in 2006.
Who Is Jamie Afifi?

Jamie Afifi and Sarah Chalke at the celebration for “Scrubs” 100th Celebration on January 14, 2006, in California | Source: Getty Images

Afifi is an entertainment lawyer from Canada; he attended St. John’s Ravenscourt and studied Law at the University of Toronto. He was an associate at Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP for three years from 2005 to 2008 before moving on to Ziffren Brittenham LLP, where he kept the same position.
In 2012, he received a promotion to Partner at Ziffren Brittenham LLP, where he has worked for ten years. Afifi was 33 when he proposed to Chalke, who was filming her sixth season of “Scrubs” and on a hiatus from the show.

The proposal was a surprise, and Afifi had been Chalke’s boyfriend for a long time and chose to ask for her hand in marriage around the Christmas season.

Does Sarah Chalke Have Kids with Jamie Afifi?
In 2010, Chalke gave birth to their first child on Christmas Eve after announcing their pregnancy in August; their representatives confirmed that the couple had welcomed a boy, Charlie Rhodes Afifi. Charlie was born a little while after Chalke’s “Scrubs” co-star Judy Reyes welcomed her daughter, Leila Rey, in November.

Jamie Alfifi and Sarah Chalke at the 9th Annual Wine Aficionado Dinner in California on May 5, 2011 | Source: Getty Images

When Charlie was two, he was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease, a rare autoimmune illness that is sometimes fatal. Chalke said it was a “visible sickness” that included red eyes, lips, skin, hands, and feet. When speaking about her son’s condition, Chalke said:
“It was absolutely the hardest thing I’ve ever been through, and there’s nothing in the world like not knowing if your kid is going to be OK.”

Chalke wanted to raise awareness about Kawasaki disease and publicly shared Charlie’s story at a fundraiser for the Kawasaki Disease Foundation.

The actress said the sickness was curable, but patients usually had a 10-day window before the symptoms would worsen and, in worse case scenarios, lead to a heart attack.

After someone suggested that she make an appearance on a medical show on television to spread awareness on a larger scale, Chalke contacted “Grey’s Anatomy” creator Shonda Rhimes about featuring on an episode.

Rhimes agreed, and Chalke played a single mom of a little boy fighting for his life after he developed Kawasaki disease. Chalke was nervous about filing for the episode, especially since she would have to watch a little boy play a character with the illness.

But in the end, she said she realized “this was all meant to be.” In 2016, Afifi and Chalke welcomed their second child, their daughter Frankie; the couple chose to name their daughter after Chalke’s grandfather, and the doting mom said about Frankie:
“I’m madly in love with my kid. It’s been really fun.”

Chalke was 39 when she welcomed Frankie and broke the news of her birth almost three months after she was born. Time could not slow down, and Chalke recalled being asked her daughter’s age, and she gave a number two weeks younger.

Chalke was pregnant with Frankie while recording her lines for the sci-fi series “Rick and Morty,” and her little bundle of joy accompanied her to Comic-Con in San Diego while doing press for “Rick and Morty.”

After becoming a mother to a girl and a boy, Chalke reflected on the differences between raising the two; the actress came from a family of girls and was the middle child of three sisters.

When Chalke found out she was pregnant, she was expecting a girl and jokily added that she thought to herself, “A boy? What do you do with a boy? I don’t know how to do that.” But after welcoming Charlie, she could not imagine her life without him.
Are Sarah Chalke and Jamie Afifi Still Together?

In early September, Afifi and Chalke’s representatives confirmed that the couple had been separated for some time. Their decision to part ways was not going to interfere with their family unit, and a rep said:

“They remain committed to being devoted co-parents and good friends.”

Despite the news of her separation from her husband, Sarah Chalke had season two of “Firefly Lane” to look forward to; she co-starred alongside Katherine Heigl in the show about two friends dealing with life’s trials and tribulations.

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