California Teen Brothers Die at Birthday Party, Leave behind a Single Mom & 4 Younger Siblings

When two teen brothers attended a friend’s birthday party one evening, nobody could have guessed what the next couple of hours would bring. Sadly, the siblings lost their lives in the most heart-shattering turn of events, leaving behind a grief-stricken family.

Pain and grief are inevitable, and no matter how hard we try, we can’t always escape them. Meanwhile, nothing hurts more than seeing your loved ones in trouble and being unable to do anything to make it go away.

For a parent, the mere thought of something happening to their children can be their worst nightmare. A similar situation unfolded in today’s story, where a family suffered insurmountable pain and trauma.

The Two Brothers
Jayz Sotelo Garcia and Angel Sotelo Garcia were both brothers who attended Berkeley High School in Berkeley, California. Per their family, they were the oldest of six siblings who considered them their role models. Their cousin, Melani Garcia, said:

“[Their siblings] idolized them. They’d always be like, ‘Where are you going? Take me with you.’”

Angel’s family described him as a gentle soul who loved and cared deeply for his family and friends. He was a devoted son, an affectionate brother, and a wonderful friend. Per his dear ones, he was always ready to have fun and brought endless joy and laughter wherever he went.

Berkeley High School. | Source: FOX 2 San Francisco

Bright & Beautiful
Jayz was the big brother who loved acting as a protector to his siblings. He was a quiet, funny, and intelligent young man who was always curious about learning and exploring new horizons.
It was an emotional evening as parents and students packed the school premises and mourned two of their own.
The youngster’s family said he had big aspirations and looked forward to starting college. Like Angel, he was not only a loving son but also a fantastic brother and friend. Both siblings enjoyed playing soccer and loved helping their mother in their spare time.

A Tragic Occurrence
On Saturday, October 1, 2022, Jayz, 17, and Angel, 15, went to a 17-year-old girl’s birthday party in West Oakland. According to their family, the celebration took place at an Airbnb rental on Apgar Street near West MacArthur, which a parent had booked.
But some time later, the most unimaginable thing happened. Neighbors said they heard gunshots being fired but were unable to see any suspects. According to the eyewitnesses, two people entered the Airbnb rental and opened fire.

Consequently, two students were reportedly killed, and another two were injured. Relatives and a Berkeley High teacher identified the two slain victims as teenage brothers Jayz and Angel.

Community members said the birthday party started around 8 p.m. and was attended by at least 30 to 40 youngsters. According to the Oakland police, the shooting didn’t seem to be a gang or group activity, and the two brothers appeared to have been targeted.

Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong believed that the shooting appeared to result from an argument, disagreement, or conflict that might have occurred earlier at school.

Gone Too Soon
Melani, the late brothers’ cousin, said they were good kids with their whole future ahead. She also added:

“[Jayz] was in the process of learning and he was really excited about learning. Angel was always very heartwarming (sic).”

A vigil was held for the two siblings at Longfellow Middle School on Monday, October 3. It was an emotional evening as parents and students packed the school premises and mourned two of their own. A family member expressed:
“There’s a lot of pain, with my mom and my family and my friends.”

Still in Denial
The mothers held their kids tightly, and youngsters held back tears as they remembered Jayz and Angel. Emily Burgos, a student who knew the two brothers, shared:

“Honestly, I haven’t really accepted it right now. I was with them 30 minutes before this happened, and I told them I’ll see them on Monday.”

Supporting the Family
The late teenagers’ family has created a crowdfunding page to help their mother, a single parent, cope with the loss of her beloved boys. As of October 5, over $103,000 have been raised, surpassing the $35,000 goal. A part of the caption on the GoFundMe page read:

“Our kids were taken too soon. They leave behind a single mother – who, due to grievance will be unable to return to work for an indefinite amount of time – and 4 younger siblings who all looked up and idolized them (sic).”

Per the fundraiser, Jayz and Angel’s younger siblings are aged 13, nine, six, and three. The Garcia family is inconsolable at the moment and pain-stricken. According to Melani
“We cannot move forward with funerals and seeing their bodies until the investigation is completed. It really hurts. Because of this we won’t be able to grow old together. We won’t be able to experience adulthood together as we experienced childhood.”

Messages of Support
The Berkeley High School issued an official statement, sharing the bereaved family’s grief. It read:

“Our hearts go out to their family and everyone impacted by this tragedy. Because these were two of our own, we are all feeling this pain collectively and must hold each other especially close and care for one another.”

Many people shared messages of condolence with the Garcia family online:

“So sad, my condolences to parents, family and friends for comfort and healing (sic).”

— ( October 3, 2022
“These are some crazy times we’re living in. So so sad.”

— (@jared.ferguson.56) October 3, 2022

“May God spread his wings around them and their family at this difficult time so sad (sic).”

— (@linda510reyes) October 3, 2022

Our hearts go out to the grief-stricken mother and the two late siblings’ family and friends.

May God give them the strength to get through this challenging time. We request all AmoMama readers to keep the teenagers in their heartfelt prayers.

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