Baby Dies in Mom’s Arms after They’re Hit by Car a Month after Celebrating First and Last Birthday Ever

In a gut-wrenching turn of events, a mother lost her little one just a month after celebrating the toddler’s first birthday. It all began when the young mom stepped out of her house with her baby girl.

Becoming parents is one of the most joyful moments people experience in their lives. Holding their little ones in their arms for the first time is a precious moment parents cherish forever.

As time passes, parents watch their children grow. They always cheer for their kids, whether their baby takes their first step as a toddler or graduates from high school years later. A Texas couple was ready to watch their baby girl achieve big things in life when the unthinkable happened.

The Parents
The family’s story began after Alaina tied the knot with Brandon Majors on April 24, 2021. Family and friends congratulated the couple and wished them all the best for their future together, not knowing how a tragedy would soon turn their lives upside down.

A few months later, Alaina gave birth to her baby girl, Ellianna Majors. After seeing her little fingers and feet, the couple fell in love with her. They were excited to see her grow and hoped she would succeed in life.

The new parents had no idea that their little angel wasn’t sent to stay with them for years. They were unaware of the unexpected incident that would separate them from Ellianna forever.

First Birthday
Alaina and Brandon frequently shared pictures of their little bundle of joy on Facebook. Their friends loved watching Ellianna pose with her parents while taking selfies. Everyone around the baby girl adored her.

As weeks turned into months, Ellianna turned a year old, and her parents were overjoyed to celebrate her first birthday. Little did they know they would never get a chance to cut Ellianna’s birthday cake with her again.

Outside Their House
On October 4, 2022, Alaina stepped outside her house while carrying Ellianna. According to authorities, it was around 11:20 a.m. when the mother-daughter duo was seen standing beside their mailbox.

Moments later, the Henderson County authorities received a call about a car accident in the 5000 block of KY 416 West in Robards. When the officers arrived at the incident scene, they discovered Ellianna had passed away.

The authorities moved an injured Alaina to the hospital while the police investigated the case. According to deputies, 25-year-old Nathan Simmonds was driving a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado when he spotted Alaina and her daughter near their mailbox.

The Details
The authorities didn’t have many details about the crash, but they say Alaina allegedly stepped in front of the vehicle with Ellianna, which caused Simmonds to hit them.

However, Alaina’s uncle, Michael Englehardt, presented the other side of the story in a comment under 14 NEWS’s Facebook post. He said:

“This was a senseless accident that could’ve been avoided had the driver not been speeding over the hill.”

He added that Alaina’s house was situated by a “dangerous curve,” and the street was too narrow. He claimed he had seen many vehicles speeding by her house and refused to believe the allegations about his niece.

The Comments
What Ellianna and her parents went through was painful. When netizens learned about the incident, they shared messages of support for the family. Here are some of the comments they left under 14 NEWS’s Facebook post:

“So very sad! My heart breaks for this family. This little girl was her momma’s world.”

― (@Sheila Mansfield Burley) October 5, 2022

“This is my worst nightmare! I have kids playing in the yard, and people drive like everyone has extra lives in the Super Mario Brothers game.”

― (@Molly Collins Werley) October 5, 2022

Our thoughts and prayers are with Alaina and her family while they mourn the death of baby Ellianna. Fly high, little one!

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