Loretta Lynn Had a Peaceful Death at Her Ranch Where She Lived for 55 Years & Built Her Own Museum

Loretta Lynn had one of Hollywood’s most coveted grass to grace stories, having defeated all odds to emerge one of the biggest stars of the 20th century. See the singer’s lavish home of many decades.

Celebrities love to fill their lives with all the luxuries their fame can afford. Most Hollywood stars cherish the financial rewards of being in the limelight.

Flashy cars, designer outfits, and luxury homes are all part of the celebrity package, but few stars can boast of the financial prowess enjoyed by Grammy-winning singer Loretta Lynn.

Loretta was one of the standout stars of the last century and was equally amongst the wealthiest. The 89-year-old lived in a 3,500 acre-ranch for more than five decades. Her dream home also included a personal museum and a race track.

Sadly, Loretta passed away on October 4, 2022, as announced by her family on her Instagram page. The family shared the news and then asked fans for privacy during this difficult time in their lives. She passed away peacefully in her sleep.

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Loretta took to Instagram just two days before her death to share a powerful bible verse about doing the right thing to show other people the right things to do. Many were moved by her post. Loretta passed away in a place she adored, her home in Hurrican Mills, shortly after she shared the post.

Loretta’s Grass to Grace Story
Unlike many Hollywood stars, Lynn was not born with a silver spoon. All she achieved was received through hard work and excellence. Her parents were severely poor, and her father, a coal miner, could not fend for his eight children.

Loretta Lynn at Cipriani 42nd Street on December 11, 2015 in New York City | Source: Getty Images
Loretta was born in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, on April 14, 1932, and grew up in a modest cabin in an impoverished Appalachian coal-mining village. She was the second of her parent’s eight children, and from an early age, she showed signs of greatness.

Loretta began singing at a young age in church. However, by the time she was turning 16, she met and fell in love with Oliver, and the young couple tied the knot and began their family.

Oliver Lynn, Loretta’s husband, wanted to find better opportunities in Custer, Washington, so they moved there shortly after their wedding.

Loretta Lynn pictured performing at Stubbs on March 17, 2016 in Austin, Texas. | Source: Getty Images
He worked in logging camps for the next few years, while Loretta did menial tasks and cared for their four children, Betty Sue, Jack Benny, Ernest Ray, and Clara Marie, who were already born by the time she was 20.

On the other hand, Loretta never lost her passion for music despite her slow start in life. With her husband’s support, she began to play at local shows. It did not take long before her talent was spotted, and she got a deal with Zero Records.

Her life took a new turn with her first song, “I’m a Honky Tonk Girl,” released in early 1960. The Lynns promoted the song by visiting several country music radio stations and pushing them to play it. Their efforts were rewarded when the song became a modest success later that year.

Loretta Lynn’s 3,500-acre ranch | Source: YouTube/Tennessee Crossroads

Around the same time, Loretta moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and started working with Teddy and Doyle Wilburn, who ran a song record label.
Her talent was easily noticed, and soon, she landed a deal with Decca Records after performing at the Grand Ole Opry, a historic venue for country music stars. She got her first big break in 1962 following her song, “Success,” which reached the Top 10 on the country charts.

Loretta released “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” possibly her finest song, in 1970, based on her memories of growing up impoverished but happy. It rapidly became a No. 1 hit.

Loretta Lynn’s 3,500-acre ranch | Source: YouTube/Tennessee Crossroads
How Loretta Bought an Entire Town
As her songs became famous, Loretta and her family grew richer. The singer was able to afford the best of comfort for her family. At the height of her fame in the mid-’60s, the singer used her money to purchase an entire town.

Loretta and her husband came across a small community in 1966 while looking for another piece of property for their large brood. Instead, they fell in love with the enormous mansion on the hill. The villa was run-down, but the country singer fell in love with it anyway.

Loretta Lynn’s 3,500-acre ranch | Source: YouTube/Tennessee Crossroads
When they discovered who owned the house, they realized he also controlled the town of Hurricane Mills. So the only way the Lynns could get the house was to buy the entire town, which they did.

Many stars love to live in privacy, but Loretta and her family made their town open to the public. It became a spot for camps and other family getaways. Most people visited the property to glimpse the iconic country star.

Loretta Lynn’s 3,500-acre ranch | Source: YouTube/Tennessee Crossroads
Inside the 3,500 Acre Ranch
Inside the ranch, there are cabins for visitors, a championship dirt bike racetrack, animals, and gift stores. Also, there is a replica of Loretta’s childhood home, a tiny western hamlet, a Post Office which the entire town uses, a mansion, and a museum full of relics depicting her life.

The house is well decorated and furnished with state-of-the-art furniture, but what makes it more remarkable is that it retains the memory it first had when it was purchased decades ago.

Loretta Lynn’s 3,500-acre ranch | Source: YouTube/Tennessee Crossroads
The singer’s grandson, Anthony Brutto, now manages the property and sees that it remains a tourist site for fans. Loretta had moved out of the white family mansion but resided in a smaller house on the ranch.

Opening Her Ranch to the Public
Having come from rags to riches, Loretta knew the value of giving back to society. As a result, her ranch is now a public hotspot, and according to her grandson, everyone can visit the ranch and get a glimpse of the icon’s life.

Loretta Lynn’s 3,500-acre ranch | Source: YouTube/Tennessee Crossroads
Brutto remarked that the ranch is one of the largest campgrounds in Middle Tennessee, with 300 powered campsites for recreational vehicles.

He hopes to grant visitors an experience of nature they would never have elsewhere. The ranch also provides horseback riding, jeep events, motorcycle events, and other activities.

Loretta Lynn’s 3,500-acre ranch | Source: YouTube/Tennessee Crossroads
Since 1982, the racetrack has hosted the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships and the AMA ATV Motocross Championships twice a year. Since no one will have an opportunity to ride or race on the track before the rest of the candidates arrive, it ensures a level playing field and no “hometown advantage.”

The ranch also played host to the first Loretta Lynn’s Inaugural Gospel Music Festival in 2013. The event had several top singers present. Lynn said the festival was one she should have begun decades ago.

A Devastating Loss
Loretta’s ranch was ravaged by the Tennessee flood of 2021, killing the ranch’s foreman, Wayne Spears, who was out checking on the animals.

The flood killed over 20 people and caused countless damage. Loretta shared a post on Facebook mourning the loss, adding that the ranch would never be the same without Spears.

After that, Loretta was rarely seen in public. However, there were some rare sightings of her being driven around the ranch by her children or grandchildren from time to time.

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