Prince William Will Reportedly Collect $797K Rent from King Charles’ Highgrove Estate Where Diana Did Interior

King Charles III has to pay a large sum in rent annually to Prince William for the house he bought in 1980, as the latter inherits the Duchy of Cornwall.

The magnificent Highgrove Estate is home to one of the most beautiful gardens in England — the royal gardens.

The Highgrove House is King Charles’s favorite house, where he lives with Camilla, Queen Consort.

The Prince of Wales, Prince William, is set to become his father’s landlord and will collect a huge amount of money from King Charles III in rent.

Following Queen Elizabeth’s demise and the current monarch’s ascension to the throne, the title of “Duke of Cornwall” was passed from His Majesty to his first son.

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he change in titles meant William would inherit the Duchy of Cornwall, making him the biggest private landowner in Britain.

The Duchy, which owns 128,000 acres of land, is believed to comprise about £1.2 billion worth of properties across 23 countries, such as farms, housing developments, castles, woodland, coastlines, and many others.

Despite how much each of the properties is worth, one of them seems to have captured the public’s attention — King Charles’s Highgrove Estate. Reports explain that the Duchy of Cornwall bought the Estate in 1980.

Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton at the Central Flying School at RAF Cranwell where Prince William received his RAF wings in a graduation ceremony, Sleaford on April 11, 2008 in Lincolnshire, England | Source: Getty Images

As the years progressed, King Charles transformed the property, eventually making it a family home and one of his favorites.

Sources claimed that before the monarch’s marriage to Princess Diana ended, the couple would frequently spend the weekends at the Highgrove Estate. His Majesty was so attached to the property that when Queen Elizabeth passed away, he retreated to the Estate for a day.

King Charles during a ceremony at the Recreational Leaf Hut at Government House in Honiara, Guadalcanal Island, Solomon Islands | Source: Getty Images
However, with the Duchy of Cornwall now under William’s control, King Charles will reportedly pay his son £700,000 ($800,000) annually in rent.

According to a source, his Majesty is expected to pay the huge sum to honor a long lease he signed on the Estate. In the source’s words (via The Sun):

“The King has a long lease and pays rent on Highgrove House and surrounding land.”

King Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales with their sons Prince William & Prince Harry in the wild flower meadow at Highgrove | Source: Getty Images
Although $800,000 is quite a huge sum, it is believed to be worth it, as the Estate is nothing short of luxurious. Here is a glimpse of the stunning Gloucestershire property.

Inside the Famous Highgrove Estate
King Charles moved to the Estate in 1981, when he tied the knot with Princess Diana. Built between 1796 and 1798 by John Paul Paul and Anthony Keck, the property is a rectangular three-story mansion featuring nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms, four reception rooms, a panic room, and a nursery wing.

According to Morton, the late Princess of Wales often compared the Estate to prison and rarely invited her friends or family.

King Charles Sitting In His Living Room At Home In Highgrove House. | Source: Getty Images

It boasts beautiful interior decorations, which Princess Diana was reportedly tasked with orchestrating with the help of South African Designer Dudley Poplak. While the interior speaks elegance, the exterior of the mansion is also nothing short of breathtaking.
It has a beautiful swimming pool, solar panels, a natural sewage filtering system, and, most importantly, the famous royal gardens. According to reports, when King Charles first moved into the property, it had an abandoned kitchen garden.

In his book “Highgrove: Portrait of an Estate,” His Majesty admitted that after looking at the neglected garden, he did not know where to start, as he had no practical knowledge of gardening.

Prince William On His Pony At Highgrove With Princess Diana circa, 1986. | Source: Getty Images
However, King Charles’s theoretical knowledge was enough to motivate him. Soon, the monarch began the journey of transforming the garden into what it is today.

It was not an easy feat, but His Majesty kept going, eventually developing a love for gardening. King Charles planted various trees and flowers, including roses.

In addition, King Charles installed an irrigation system to help keep the plants fresh. Many years later, the royal garden is considered one of the most beautiful in England and welcomes 40,000 visitors yearly.

A general view of the gardens at Highgrove House on June 5, 2013 in Tetbury, England. | Source: Getty Images
Ultimately, it took King Charles’s love for gardening and his desire to restore the land to bring about the famous royal gardens. In “Highgrove: Portrait of an Estate,” His Majesty admitted (via Oprah Daily):

“I had absolutely no experience of gardening or farming, and the only trees I planted had been official ones in very official holes. I knew I wanted to take care of the place in a very personal way and leave it one day in a far better condition than I found it.”

King Charles And Prince Harry By The Swimming Pool In The Garden At Their Home Highgrove House, Circa 1986 | Source: Getty Images
Meanwhile, the royal gardens comprise a wildlife habitat, a cottage garden, a sundial garden, a Thyme walk (containing topiary, large-scale hedges, and golden yew clipped to form whimsical shapes and styles), and a wildflower meadow.

Besides the grandeur interior and stunning royal gardens, the Highgrove Estate also has a shop where home and bath products, branded spirits and wines, and goods created with the garden’s produce are sold.

Princess Diana Reportedly Hated Highgrove Estate
The Highgrove House holds many unforgettable memories for King Charles and his sons, but the same cannot be said for Princess Diana. Reportedly, the late Princess of Wales did not like living on the Estate.

Princess Diana and King Charles pose with their sons Princes Harry and William on board royal yacht Britannia during their visit to Venice, Italy, 6th May 1985 | Source: Getty Images

It is believed that Diana preferred living at Kensington Palace because the Highgrove House was only a short drive from Queen Consort Camilla’s private house in Wiltshire.
However, in his tell-all biography “Diana: Her True Story,” Author and Royal Biographer Andrew Morton claimed that there was another reason Diana hated the Highgrove home.

According to Morton, the late Princess of Wales often compared the Estate to prison and rarely invited her friends or family. No matter how much effort Diana put into the house, it never felt like her home.

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But despite how much Diana allegedly hated the house, she still stayed and made memories with her children and ex-husband. However, Diana reportedly never returned when the late Princess of Wales and King Charles separated in 1992.

More than a decade later, the monarch tied the knot with Camilla, Queen Consort, and eventually, the couple moved into the Gloucestershire Estate. Following their move, pictures showed that a larger part of the interior was not changed.

Seventeen years after their marriage, the Highgrove House remains the family home of King Charles and Camilla, Queen Consort. His Majesty loves sharing pictures of the lovely mansion, and royal fans could not be more thrilled.

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