Barack Obama Cherishes Life in the Woods with Love of 30 Years Whom He ‘Did Not Pledge Riches’ to at Altar

Barack fell for Michelle at 1st sight, but she did not consider him as a life partner. Their first date changed their relationship.
Barack did not promise Michelle a rich life when they wed.

Their life changed after their daughters were born.

Nowadays, they enjoy life together at home, surrounded by greenery.

Barack and Michelle Obama recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. The pair got married after dating for two years and have welcomed two beautiful children, Malia and Sasha, into their family.

However, the pair almost did not even go on their first date because Michelle was skeptical about being with Barack as they both worked for the same law firm, and she was his mentor at work.

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Barack and Michelle celebrated their anniversary at their home in a wooded area. They shared tributes on their social media pages. They each talked about their lives together since getting married 30 years ago.

Barack took to Instagram to tell Michelle that he felt he won the lottery on the day they got married and was confused why she still looked the same as she did on their wedding day while he did not.

The former US president also shared a sweet snap on Facebook that showed a heart drawn in the sand on a beach with Michelle and Barack’s names written in the middle. Michelle also shared an anniversary post for her husband.

Barack Obama kisses his wife Michelle Obama during an election night rally at the Xcel Energy Center June 3, 2008 in St. Paul, Minnesota | Source: Getty Images

Michelle posted a series of photos on Instagram which showed the couple posing on the beach, the same heart-in-the-sand photo that Barack posted, and a photo of the couple on their wedding day.
The former first lady expressed that she felt their marriage had been an “adventure” that she was grateful for, and she looked forward to the rest of their lives together. Each of the posts was met with good wishes from fans.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama dance together during the Comander-in-Chief’s Inaugural Ball at the Walter Washington Convention Center January 21, 2013 in Washington, DC | Source: Getty Images
While the couple is still very much in love and has built a beautiful life together, their love story did not start out conventionally. In fact, their love story almost did not begin because of Michelle’s feelings about dating a coworker.

An Unconventional Love Story
Barack and Michelle met when he was 28, and she was 25. She worked at a law firm after graduating law school when Barack, a summer associate completing law school, was placed under her supervision.

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Michelle revealed that because they had both gone to Harvard, they assigned her to be Barack’s adviser while he was there. At the time, Michelle had decided to swear off dating until she found a guy as good as her father.

Barack was immediately attracted to Michelle and waited only a month before he asked her on a date. Michelle declined, saying:

“…I thought no way. This is completely tacky.”

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She did not believe he had earned the hype he was receiving from everyone else at the law firm. She only wanted to be his mentor and never thought he was someone she could date.

However, Barack was persistent, and eventually, Michelle agreed to go out with him. They had their first date in a museum, then watched a movie and had ice cream together.

Barack shared a cute anecdote about their first date, revealing that it was nothing fancy. He said:

“On our first date, I treated her to the finest ice cream Baskin-Robbins had to offer, our dinner table doubling as the curb.”

He spoke to Oprah about his experience on that first date and what it meant to him that he finally landed a date with the woman he had fallen in love with at first sight when he started at her law firm.

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Barack even offered to quit his job at the law firm so that they could be together, which helped him land his first date, leading to the rest of their lives together as a married couple.

Speaking about taking the summer job and paying off his student loans, Barack confessed:

“I had known those student loans were going to get me a great education, but I had no idea they’d get me my first date with the love of my life.”

Michelle revealed that her idea of Barack changed on that date, and she knew she could be with him. She then decided that she would be able to introduce him to her family and took him home.

When the family met him, they liked him. However, Michelle’s brother, Craig, decided to do a character test on his sister’s new boyfriend. They played a basketball match in which Craig decided that Barack was a good choice for his sister.

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama stands with his wife Michelle Obama during a campaign rally October 21, 2008 in Miami, Florida | Source: Getty Images
Craig challenged Barack to a basketball game with specific red flags in mind. He said:

“You can really tell selfishness on a basketball court. You know, he wasn’t selfish.”

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama during The 36th Annual NAACP Image Awards – Arrivals at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, California, United States. March 19, 2005 | Source: Getty Images
Ultimately, Michelle confirmed that she did whatever she thought was best, but it was nice to know that Barack wasn’t selfish and that her family accepted him. She knew she would move forward with Barack.

An Unconventional Proposal
After Michelle and Barack finally began their romantic relationship, things quickly became serious between the pair. The couple had talked about marriage but didn’t have any plans yet.

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Two years into their relationship, Barack decided that it was time he proposed to Michelle. Barack had finished the bar exams, and they were out to dinner to celebrate when Barack asked Michelle to marry him.

Their waiter brought over a dessert tray; instead of a dessert, there was a ring box. Barack asked simply, “Will you marry me?” and Michelle replied with an enthusiastic “Yes!”

It was a fairy tale moment, but it has not always been a happy time for the Obamas. After their engagement, the couple got into an argument in the car, and Michelle removed her engagement ring and threw it on the vehicle’s floor.

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The couple did not break up after that argument but learned essential lessons about one another. Michelle revealed that she learned how to communicate in a way that Barack would hear rather than getting riled up.

She also learned that, unlike her, Barack felt things more profoundly but took longer to feel things. This allowed them to understand one another better and move forward more positively.

Finally, the couple walked down the aisle on October 3, 1992. Michelle’s brother walked her down the aisle as their father had passed away, and Barack’s brother served as his best man.

Michelle revealed that her husband did not promise they would be rich in his vows. She shared:

“Barack didn’t pledge riches, only a life that would be interesting.”

She said that he had delivered on that promise as their life had been interesting. The couple has had many adventures together, and Michelle confirmed that she is excited to experience more.

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Their exciting journey started soon after their wedding when they began expanding their family. The couple’s first daughter, Malia, was born in 1998, and Michelle revealed that she and Barack were “smitten.”

She was joined three years later by her younger sister, Sasha, who Michelle said completed the family. Michelle also said that her daughters share a close bond and are still cute to her.

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The former first lady had admitted that despite having a busy working schedule, Barack was “impressively present” when he was around his daughters. He played with them and read books to them when he was not working.

Their Marriage Is Still Strong
Now that the couple has gone through some of the most exciting years of their life, living in the White House and raising two daughters, they can settle down a little and unwind.

Their daughters are both adults and have left the family home in pursuit of higher education and job opportunities, leaving Barack and Michelle to spend some time together after many years of busy schedules.

The couple has put down roots in Martha’s Vineyard, where they often vacationed since their time in the White House. They have bought a secluded home that is situated in a wooded area.

The lush foliage around the home offers the couple privacy as they enjoy this new phase in their lives, but they also have access to Edgartwon’s Great Pond and have a boat house on their property.

Their pool area is also surrounded by foliage, and the main suite has a private sundeck that overlooks the water. The main suite also includes a cozy fireplace, as does the living room.

The home is surrounded by greenery inside and outside and is perfect for a family that loves nature. The spouses can enjoy privacy and nature together as they wind down from their busy lives.

The couple bought the home not too long ago for $11.75 million and have now decorated it to their liking. The property spans 30 acres, and the house itself is 6 892 square feet.

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