Sushi Comes To Life And Almost Gets Away

f you’re anything like me, you love to eat Japanese food. One of the best parts about living in the United States is getting access to cuisines from all over the world, and there’s nothing like eating good sushi!

Now, a video is going viral showing a piece of sushi that was served at a restaurant chain called Sushiro, which has locations in Japan. This piece of sushi is extremely raw, and when I say raw, I mean RAW!

A Twitter user called shoumizo3446 shared a video showing clam nigiri that was just a little too fresh

When the video opens, the clam looks as if it is trying to crawl off the plate. Then, when the clam is prodded with a chopstick, it starts to raise up like an arm. The clam is twitching back and forth for the entire video, clearly trying to get a feel for it’s surroundings. The clam even manages to lift itself off of the rice!

If you aren’t already worried about eating sushi, this video will definitely make you think twice before doing so! Experts have issued warnings about the dangers posed by the parasites who live in fish. If the fish is still alive, these unwanted organisms are likely still living too.
The video has been viewed over seven million times, with people all over the world being creeped out by it! This just serves as a reminder that while we want fresh sushi, we don’t want it to be this fresh!

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