Mom Who Fostered Over 50 Kids Adopts 4 Siblings So They’ll Always Be Together

Melissa Servetz, 45, is a former elementary school teacher, and, although she loves littles, she thought she would never have her own children.Now single, Melissa used to be married several years ago, and that’s when she suffered a miscarriage. Since then, she never actually believed she would be a mother to her own children.

But life had other plans for her- and, spoiler alert- they did involve children!You see, Melissa got involved with social services in 2015, when she started working with the foster care system, and she soon fostered the first child.Over six years, Servetz fostered 56 children from only months old to about 5 years old.

And then, one day, she was told about a 2-year-old girl who needed a foster home. Melissa didn’t have to think twice. She would definitely open her home to little Jade.

“I picked up Jade in a parking lot with her case manager. And then a week after that, I transitioned Destiny and it was like [the] most natural thing ever,” Servetz told GMA. “I remember those days like it was yesterday, picking them up and just carrying them.”

Soon, the woman adopted the two little girls. Their cute little family looked great, but it turned out something was still missing.

In fact, it was two more members that were missing at the time. A couple of years later, it all started making sense.

In June 2018, Melissa was told that the girls’ biological mother had given birth to a boy. Matthew, only three-days-old at the time, arrived at Melissa’s home and was received with lots of love by his biological sisters. He was officially adopted a few months later.

Two years later, Emerson was born. The boy, who was also a biological brother to the other three children Servetz had already adopted, was added to the family.

Melissa just loves the fact that the siblings are always there for each other, taking care of their brothers and sisters and making each other happy.
The single mom admits that raising children who have been taken away from their biological parents can be hard. And there have definitely been difficulties in her journey as a single mom of four adopted children.

But it’s all worth the effort.

“It’s not easy — but at the end of the day, they’re mine forever. Every day is a brand new day,” she continues. “We’re going to start this new day on a happy note and just go from there. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have no regrets. I would do it all over again,” she told People.

The mother explained that she decided to adopt all four children partly because she didn’t want to separate the siblings.
And she added that, if their biological mother has another baby, her family is open to welcoming one more member.

And if it’s not Melissa herself to adopt the new baby, maybe her sister would, since she has been considering adoption for a while.

What an inspiring story!

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