Frozen lemons are simply incredible! Find out why you should try storing them inside your cooler!

A few little known techniques and tricks have existed for quite some time and interestingly, we are not even aware. Freezing your lemons is one of those but we’re almost certain you have never tried to insert your freshly bought lemons inside your freezer. Are we wrong? Probably not.

Lemons are astonishing
When you add just a few drops of lemon to your food, the food not only ends up tasting fresher but it also develops a more fascinating character profile. Lemon juice is equally famous for just how well it blends with different beverages. It makes liquids and cocktails taste even better. There’s more…

When you get a taste of lemon pie or lemon curd, you will agree that these treats that are oh so heavenly perfectly blend the of curd or pie pleasantness with lemon’s invigorating citrus taste. So with that, we bet you’re ready to find out just how well lemon juice will serve you especially when you squeeze the lemons.

Eating lemons
Under normal circumstances, people do not eat lemons as snacks. This is because they taste sour and are tart. The moment you freeze them, you make them more suitable for eating as a snack since freezing reduces lemons’ sourness considerably.
By now, you have probably heard of the amazing health benefits of lemon. Examples of these medical benefits include Vitamin c which is known for boosting one’s immune system. It also helps one’s body fight infections. Lemons also contain substances that are known to help in the prevention of cancer, the regulation of blood pressure and also helps people suffering from mental health issues. Eating your lemon will help you in fighting both stress and depression.

The lemon peel
If you’re wondering what it is that makes frozen lemon taste different, the answer is very simple. Compared to lemons stored at room temperature, frozen lemons are low in acidity which is why they are less sour. Should you allow it to thaw, acidity will return. You should also note that a lemon peel contains about 5 to 10 times more vitamins than the actual lemon juice.

As such, you should make use of this peel instead of throwing away such a great source of nutrients. The frozen peel is actually very tasty, you’ll love it. However, just make sure wash your lemon well before keeping it in your freezer.

The lemon peel will also add that refreshing and unique taste to your drinks and food. All you have to do is sprinkle a bit of it on salads, some ice-cream or even spaghetti. Trust us you will really enjoy the amazing flavor. Ensure the lemons are completely frozen before you start applying the peels to any of your foods. A lot of families today are making use of this hack in their cooking so don’t be left out!

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