Find out what the shape of your thumb reveals about your personality! You will be surprised by how accurate this test is!

Everyone knows that the shape of our fingers can reveal a lot about us. Our fingerprint serves as a unique identifier that every law enforcement agency around the world uses to catch perpetrators. The thumb is by far our most important finger as it has 2 phalanges rather than 3 and is equipped with very powerful muscles that help us perform daily activities, while also greatly influencing our handwriting.

Let’s take a look at the shape of our thumb to find out to which category it belongs.

Type A

If both of the phalanges of your thumb have the same length, you are likely a very well-rounded and balanced person. This shape indicates a strong desire for harmony and peace. This shape also indicates empathy and means you are likely a great family guy, that is very supportive towards the people close to you. Your calm attitude also makes you a great source of advice as you understand how to use all the things you learned in life to make good decisions.

This personality also means a lot of your family members tend to rely on you.

Type B

If the first part of your thumb is longer than the second one you are likely very perfectionist. Not only that, but you also tend to be quite stubborn and unwilling to change your ideas and mindset. This personality also leads you to be restless as you always strive for something that you think you have to achieve in order to be happy.

People with a thumb shaped like this also tend to get obsessed with certain ideas. Their perfectionism leads to a desire to get proactive and act rather than react to what others are doing. People appreciate your honesty and know that they can rely on your word.

Type C

In this category, the bottom part of your thumb is longer than the top part. This indicates a desire to work hard and endure hardships. You are great at overcoming obstacles and you tend to be optimistic even if the going gets tough. This mindset also makes you confident and someone people look up to in troubled times. Needless to say all this also makes you a great leader.
Your desire to work hard also makes you very clear about what you want. You don’t get confused by your surroundings and you remain focus-oriented at all times, which makes you incredibly reliable.

Flexible Thumb

This shape is sometimes called the Hitchhiker’s thumb. If you put your hand in a “thumbs up” position and you notice that your thumb is not straight but rather bends towards the outside you belong into this category. This shape indicates an expressive and emotional personality. People with a thumb shaped like this also tend to be very good at adapting to new environments and situations.

If you fall into this category, you are very likely also incredibly creative and artistic. It seems like you are made to be an artist. The Hitchhiker’s thumb also indicates curiosity and a certain creativity that searches for unique solutions to life’s problems.

Straight Thumb

If you put your hand into a “thumbs up” position and your thumb looks straight you are likely quite stubborn and dominant. That being said, you are also known to keep promises. People often consider you to be quite rational and logical and you likely carry a real sense of authority with you.

You have a real talent for analyzing everything which makes it hard to take advantage of your trustworthy nature. Your ability to sense danger makes you often capable of preventing yourself from getting harmed.

How accurate was this personality test for you? Please tell us in the comment section below what shape your thumb has and if the attributes attributed to this shape applied to you. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends if you found it to be interesting.

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