Teen invites his grandma to prom after learning she wasn’t able to go to hers… !

This particular moment is probably one of the highlights of your teenage years, and what happened on this momentous night is something you will always keep in your memory and most likely share with your children when their own prom night comes.

18-year-old Michael Ganczewski was about to attend prom, but he did not have any date to take yet. While looking for “the one”, the young man heard from his grandmother Josephine that she never went to prom. She did not have any memory of it because she did not have the chance.
This was big news to Michael, and he felt like his grandma didn’t deserve to never attend prom her whole life. Because of this, the young man decided to do something for his beloved grandmother.

Michael turned down prom dates to bring his own grandmother to the event.
More than 50 years ago, Josephine had an opportunity to attend prom night. But things did not turn out well and eventually, Josephine had to miss her own prom night because her family couldn’t afford the event.

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