Newborn heard dad’s voice for the first time and gave the biggest smile ever

The photo immediately went viral, and now, the baby is a toddler – even cuter than ever.
Flavio Dantas and Tarsila Batista, Antonella’s parents, were ecstatic when she was born in August 2019.

But Flávio and Tarsila never failed to express their love for Antonella, even when she was still in the womb. Every single day, Flávio spoke to his unborn child.He would tell her the sweetest things.
He always told her that he loved her so much,” Tarsila recounted of her husband. “‘Good morning’ when I went to work. He said ‘I’ll always be there,’ and kept stroking my belly.”

And each time her husband did it, amazing things happened. It was as if their baby knew and understood. She said, “Amazingly, it always seemed, at the same time every day, she started to move.”

And indeed, the baby seemed to remember.
It turns out that Flávio’s practice of conversing with Antonella while she was inside her paid off. Antonella began displaying the close bond she had with her father even before she was born at the Marcilio Dias Naval Hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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