The 5th-Grade Teacher Invites Her Students To Be Bridesmaids And Groomsmen On Her Wedding Day

Alexandra Stamps met the man of her dreams a while ago. They are both teachers and they love being around their little students.Stamps, a fifth-grade teacher entered a classroom for the first time as a teacher in September 2020, and she was very excited about it.

Only a few months later, Mason McDowell, her then-boyfriend, asked her to marry him. And this was actually the happiest day of her life at that point.“I couldn’t imagine life without Mason. He is the man I’ve prayed for ever since I was old enough to understand the difference between just a guy & a great guy.

Mason is multitudes more than just a great guy — he truly is an amazing man of God,” she shared in an Instagram post when they celebrated one year together.

When Mason proposed to her, Alexandra knew that their wedding day had to be special. And, as teachers, neither she or her future husband could imagine their big day without their students around.

That’s why she decided to invite her fifth-graders to attend their wedding. But not simply as guests; she asked the girls to be her junior bridesmaids and the boys to be junior groomsmen.
Alexandra posted a video on TikTok from the moment when she asked the students to participate in her wedding and their reaction.

“Okay, so I have a really important question to ask you guys,” Ms Stamps said, “I wanna ask the girls […] will you guys be my junior bridesmaids? My next question is for the boys. […] Will you be my junior groomsmen?”

The children’s reaction? They all shouted “yes”, and they couldn’t stop cheering for their bride-to-be.
Alexandra then gave away sweets to the students, which made them even happier!

“I wanted to give them something to look forward to this summer, since this past school year was really difficult with COVID,” Alexandra told Inside Edition at the time.

A few months later, in August 2021, Mason and Alexandra said “I do” in front of their students. You see, Mason had also invited his third-graders to their nuptials.

The little girls wore beautiful dresses donated by Morilee designer, Madeline Gardner.
As she explained, once she heard of so many bridesmaids, she was worried they wouldn’t be able to find dresses for all of them, so she decided to step in and help.

“I just looked at it and I said, ‘Oh my goodness, how is she going to find 21 dresses for each one of those girls?” Gardner said.

The junior bridesmaids and groomsmen didn’t only accompany the couple down the aisle, but they got to dance with them at the reception, as well.

“The best part was just their genuine smiles. I know they’re all excited to be here, so it’s just really sweet and it just means a lot to me,” the bride said.

What a beautiful story. A reminder that teachers and students share a special bond rather than a superficial one.

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