Can You Spot Why Photo Of Six Teens Going To Prom Sent The Internet Into A Frenzy?

Prom season is a time that many young adults go to their first party. Although high school students are not legally allowed to drink during their prom (they are under the legal drinking age of course), they still do their best to sneak in alcohol and other libations. While the chaperones are on the lookout for any high school student who is drinking, resourceful students try to break the rules and look like a hero in the eyes of their thirsty friends.

When one prom goer sneaked an oversized flask into her prom because she masked it as her handbag, the internet has proclaimed her a “genius.” Let’s just hope that she puts her mental talents to better use than getting drunk at her senior prom.
British student Eleanor Clarke was not about to let the law stop her from having fun at prom. With her revealing, low-cut dress, Eleanor showed up to the iconic dance with a metallic clutch handbag in tow. But on closer inspection, it was clear that her “purse” was not used for holding her lipstick and makeup. It was housing profuse amount of hard alcohol to get her and her friends sloshed.

Eleanor did not get caught. Instead, she shared photos of her prom hack with her followers on Twitter and the images went viral in no time. Now revelers around the globe are thanking her for her wisdom in breaking the rules and getting her best buddies drunk alongside her at the dance.

When she uploaded the images of her giant flask handbag, Eleanor wrote: “Still don’t know how I got away with a huge hip flask as my prom clutch.”

Besides her arousing comment, Eleanor shared four snaps which depicted her abusing her alcohol-fueled flask with her friends at the prom.

Check out the video below to see her plan in action!
Many people shared their responses to her genius plan to get drunk at prom. For example, a Twitter user named Jemma wrote, “fact she’s so casual holding it like an actual clutch n all oh my god a true intellectual (sic).”

Many others did not hesitate to call Eleanor a “genius” for what she did. One person called for her to be elected as the “first female president.”

While Eleanor had the hipflask handy with her during the dance, her friends had some unusual baggage with them as well.

Referring to Eleanor’s friend’s fluffy purse Andy said: “We’re all talking about the huge hip flask meanwhile Red dress is taking her cat to prom.”

Meanwhile, Ken wrote on Mail Online: “Genius? More like idiot! If she goes to such lengths to get that much vodka into one evening’s entertainment, she needs to seriously think about her dependence on alcohol. Otherwise this week’s ‘genius’ will be next week’s alcoholic.”

What do you think about this high school student’s trick to sneak alcohol into her prom?

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